MSAT G2 Satellite Radio/Telephone

It seems that Mother Nature is everywhere in the news recently. From Hurricane Harvey’s devastating flooding in Houston to wildfires raging across Oregon, California, and Montana, first responders are working tirelessly to protect homes and lives. When lives are on the line, they need communication that works. Satellite technology can be used in rural areas where there is no established ground connection and devastated places that have had networks disabled. This makes technology, like the MSAT G2 Satellite Radio, essential to emergency personnel.


Remote Satellite Systems has many push to talk radio over satellite options, and is especially excited about the growth and reliability of the MSAT- G2 Network.  The MSAT-G2 was  the first of its kind with Push-To-Talk radio functionality for the US Public Safety sector.. With traditional cell phones and radios, natural disasters may knock out power lines and affect network connection. With SMART Talk Groups from MSAT, emergency professionals are able to use PTT technology to coordinate with other agencies, ensuring they can use time and resources efficiently to save lives.


The features of the MSAT-G2 make it perfect for fire, police, search and rescue, and other emergency responders. This device has the capability to interface into an existing radio dispatch console, making it ideal for easy integration and use in Public Safety organizations. It supports a continent-wide group and private Push-To-Talk communications, as well as the making and receiving telephone calls. It also has GPS capability, and Land Mobile and Maritime antenna options give users advanced satellite tracking ability, allowing them to communicate wherever they are located.


Remote Satellite Systems is proud to work with various governmental organizations to ensure public safety. We recently helped the Marin Rural Fire Department and the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) set up a reliable and rugged solution to their communication problems, using MSAT PTT technology. Many cities, counties, and towns are turning to the MSAT G2 Satellite for their emergency services professionals. Let RSSI help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Cobham Explorer 3075 0.7 meter Multi Band Manual Fly Away VSAT System

Over thousands of years of exploration, humankind is still pushing boundaries. Technological advances have allowed us to crisscross the earth and venture into previously unchartered territories like Antarctica. With satellite communications, we can even keep in contact with our families back home. Whether you are planning an expedition into the Amazon or hiking Mt. Everest, you can count on a high- quality broadband connection with the EXPLORER 3075.  In the modern age, this Manual Fly-Away Antenna System allows you access to mobile Internet while you explore remote areas. No matter how rugged or isolated your destination, the EXPLORER 3075 can go with you.


The EXPLORER 3075 is particularly helpful as a communication tool because it is compact. The 0.75 dish has a Ku-Band feed; this higher-powered Ku-Band allows for a smaller receiving dish, saving precious space. It weighs less than 23 pounds and fits inside a single case, making it easy to carry and capable of being checked on airlines.  It also features the same genuine EXPLORER design, which Cobham SATCOM has used with the EXPLORER BGAN and VSAT terminals. This tried and true design from Cobham has proven itself as a reliable conduit for vital communication with the Explorer 8100 and EXPLORER 8120 Drive-Away Antenna systems.


The EXPLORER 3075 has many benefits including

·         Ease of use

·         Quick set up

·         Lightweight

·         Airline Checkable

·         Rugged

·         High-quality connection in all conditions


For almost two decades Remote Satellite Systems has helped organizations and individuals find the right satellite communications equipment and stay connected. We are the trusted satellite company for diverse populations, from working with law enforcement to ensure public safety to making sure world explorers have a lifeline. We have continued to stay at the cutting edge of technology to offer the best solutions for our clients. The EXPLORER 3075 is the latest innovation that allows all users, even those with minimal satellite communication experience, access to broadband Internet within minutes. This system is one of a kind and the forefront of VSAT Satellite Terminal design.  Never before has there been such a small, compact, and airline checkable SATCOM at this price with such advanced features. Next time you are going on an adventure, be sure to have the equipment you need to connect.


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