MSAT G2 Satellite Radio/Telephone

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MSAT G2 Satellite Radio

It seems that Mother Nature is everywhere in the news recently. From Hurricane Harvey’s devastating flooding in Houston to wildfires raging across Oregon, California, and Montana, first responders are working tirelessly to protect homes and lives. When lives are on the line, they need communication that works. Satellite technology can be used in rural areas where… Read more »

Cobham Explorer 3075 0.7 meter Multi Band Manual Fly Away VSAT System

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Explorer 8100 Mounted

Over thousands of years of exploration, humankind is still pushing boundaries. Technological advances have allowed us to crisscross the earth and venture into previously unchartered territories like Antarctica. With satellite communications, we can even keep in contact with our families back home. Whether you are planning an expedition into the Amazon or hiking Mt. Everest,… Read more »