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Remote Satellite Systems specializes in Planning and Implementation of Backup Emergency Satellite Communication Systems inside your home, building and or facility. Whether it is the Corporate Headquarters, critical State and Local Gov’t Offices or manufacturing plants where Emergency Back-Up Communications are essential, we can help you plan which will ultimately save you money and resources in the long run. We consult on both new and old high rise builds and retrofits where emergency communications planning is critical to your safety and survival. Call us today.

Case Studies

Emergency Communication Case Study
Achieving Final Redundancy in an Interoperable Communications Network

The San Francisco Bay Area is a thriving community of over seven million residents spanning nine counties, over one hundred cities, and 7,000 square miles. Along with its spectacular settings come problems of spectacular enormity. Prone to numerous natural disasters, public safety agencies must always stay on their toes. Remote Satellite Systems International (RSSI) rose to the challenge.

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