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Sat Phone EmailAre you tired of the time and expense of SAT phone email? Using traditional email with a SAT phone can mean long waiting periods for downloads and expensive charges. There are ways to save time and money using satellite phone email without compromising on quality.

Save Time and Money with OCENS Email

OCENSMail is an option for SAT phone email and other low bandwidth connections. It was created to be used with satellite communications including devices from:

It also works well over cellular, standard network connections, and other limited internet connections. The great benefit of OCENS email is the savings users see on airtime expenses from advanced data compression and network optimization. When pictures take less time to download, it costs the user less airtime, and thus less money. There are no upper limits on file size or content, and it includes full support for attachments, HTML coding, and management tools to control incoming mail sizes. Photo compression is a powerful tool that can make a giant difference in your wait times and wallet. This satellite phone email service has a user friendly setup and interface, and works with many clients including Thunderbird, Outlook, MacMail, and more.

OneMail, also by OCENS, is another option for users with Exchange, HotMail, Yahoo, Gmail, and other email accounts. It has many of the same features including: easy setup, works well over cellular or limited internet connections as well as standard network connections, and photo compression. This SAT phone email solution is designed to work with Iridium GO, Thuraya IP, Globalstar SatFi, and other satellite communications.

If you are going on an adventure beyond domestic cell phone service, you can expect to take a lot of photos. Share your trip with others through efficient SAT email solutions. Whether your adventure takes you by land or water, regardless of what email server you use or satellite device you utilize, Remote Satellite Systems can make sure you have the service needed to connect. Talk to one of our representatives today by calling (888) 989-8199.

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