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Remote Satellite Systems offers flexible two-way Business Satellite Internet Solutions with always-on high speed connections that meet the complex demands of a business environment. As the demand for broadband internet access increases, business satellite internet connectivity solutions must provide optimum service levels. Our broadband internet access and high speed satellite internet service plans include broadband internet access, 2-way satellite internet, voice over satellite, satellite VPNs, and video plus data via satellite.

Whether your organization needs global business satellite internet connectivity, extended corporate networks, business television, connectivity backup, 2-way satellite internet or remote IP solutions, we can deliver a solution that will enhance your ability to clearly and affordably communicate anywhere, anytime. We can connect you directly to the Internet backbone with both upstream and downstream bandwidth so that you can communicate anywhere you want via 2 way satellite Internet.

Consider Remote Satellite Systems your unified resource for developing, deploying, and maintaining your enterprise data, voice, and broadcast video services for your headquarters, branches, remote sites, or offshore offices. For permanent and temporary needs we bring high speed satellite internet service by leveraging our collaborative partner relationships with the world’s leading suppliers of networking products and services to save your business time and money. Our vendor neutral position ensures that we always keep your business and budgetary interests in the forefront of our objectives.


Galaxy 18 is a Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) 1300-series hybrid communications satellite owned by Intelsat and located in geosynchronous orbit at 123° W longitude, serving the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and Canada with 24 Ku band transponders.
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The AMC-9 provides a high-powered Ku-band beam coverage over the U.S., Mexico, and most of the Caribbeans, and is located in geosynchronous orbit at 83° W longitude. This allows television programmers, government organisations and companies to benefit from AMC-9’s wide coverage.
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SES-2 has extensive coverage over the United States and distributes advanced digital media to one of the world’s largest TV neighbourhoods. It is also specially designed to provide communication links to offshore platforms for customers in the oil and gas and maritime markets.
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