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There are different places to go for satellite equipment. We appreciate you choosing us and want to discuss the advantages of working with Remote Satellite Systems. We are a real company, staffed by satellite specialists. We don’t simply fulfill orders. We offer support from choosing equipment to helping you troubleshoot your connection and use the… Read more »

The next great shift in satellites is interoperability. Iridium and MSAT are two of the largest satellite networks. The Iridium PTT service has been used by the military for several years, and now it is cleared for civilian use. The MSAT PTT is a similar service that provides real-time communication as a supplement to traditional… Read more »

Remote Satellite Systems is pleased to announce that we have been recognized as a Government Approved Supplier. We officially have GSA Approval, a designation that means our company has been approved to sell satellite phones and SAT phone service to the United States Government through the U.S. General Services Administration. To become eligible for GSA… Read more »

What Is It This is the innovative new multi-service platform from Iridium, a vanguard in satellite communications. The new Iridium NEXT constellation will deliver worldwide, reliable, and scalable services while revolutionizing the capabilities of mobile satellite communications. Want onWith the variety of communication solutions offered by Remote Satellite Systems, users can use the Iridium network… Read more »

We have all seen the seemingly endless tide of natural disasters around the United States. With wildfires, mudslides, hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters it’s important to have a business plan in place for your business. Remote Satellite Systems has assisted emergency responders establish satellite communications in rural areas, where the difference between clear communication and… Read more »

Expand your satellite voice capability with the Vocality voice Gateway. Vocality has been developing FXS and FXO Gateways for satellite networks for many years and has perfected voice quality and the user experience.   Remote Satellite Systems is able to offer customers a variety of networks and hardware depending on their needs. Requirements are going… Read more »

IRDM IridiumGO

The Iridium Go has been well received in the Corporate Emergency Business Continuity world with many large companies replacing their older handheld satphones with these smaller and easier to use Iridium “Hot Spots”. For these new users who rely on their ‘ I-Phone type Smart Phones”  the direct availability of Contact Phone book and direct… Read more »

explorer 8100 mounted 2 large

Does your job require you to go to desolate and rugged patches of the Earth? There are explorers, scientists, press, humanitarian groups and others who work in the isolation areas of glaciers in Antarctica, rainforests in Southeast Asia, and deserts in Africa, and cannot use traditional cell phones. For many who work in these remote… Read more »

MSAT G2 Satellite Radio

It seems that Mother Nature is everywhere in the news recently. From Hurricane Harvey’s devastating flooding in Houston to wildfires raging across Oregon, California, and Montana, first responders are working tirelessly to protect homes and lives. When lives are on the line, they need communication that works. Satellite technology can be used in rural areas where… Read more »