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Experienced in connecting even the most remote of locals, Remote Satellite Systems was called on to build a custom solution to Camp Mather’s communications gap. Beginning with an extensive site survey, RSSI developed a solution to bring voice and data connections to the remote workers. By mounting a VSAT dish high up on an antenna in a forest clearing, an optimal look-angle was secured. Then a custom built communications suite was installed in the camps operations cabin, ensuring a direct line of communication to headquarters in San Francisco, as well as linking the personnel to local emergency talk-groups.

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Two of Our Long-Time Power Users

Mike Libecki

Mike Libecki
Longtime customer and friend Mike Libecki is the quintessential example of a Remote Satellite user. Named a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2013, Mike is one of the world’s most respected explorers. Whether hiking through the Northern Arctic or scaling 2,000 ft. cliff faces in Borneo, Mike knows that whenever he needs to call home to his daughter Liliana his Satphone will get the job done.

What does he use?
Mike relies on the Iridium 9575, a small yet durable Portable Satellite phone. While it looks just like an ordinary cellphone, this industrial grade phone can go anywhere Mike can.

Why does he need one?
Libecki’s focus on solo expeditions and solo climbs puts him in a much more dangerous position than the vast majority of explorers. This means that the sat phone he travels with is often his only lifeline, one that absolutely cannot fail.

When does he use it?
Ever the family man, Mike had to learn to find balance between the life of an adventurer and the responsibilities of being a father.

What does he have to say?
“On over 65 expeditions around the world to literally the most remote areas on the planet, I have relied on Remote Satellite Systems International for all of my satellite communications. From satellite phones to Internet in the field, including remote video chatting flawlessly, they have made sure everything has worked flawlessly. From huge National Geographic expeditions to Antarctica, to Discovery Channel in Siberia, and countless other companies that rely on my decisions, I have relied on RSSI to make 100% sure our communications are the last thing I need to worry about and focus on the expedition demands in front of me. Most importantly, they have kept me in touch with my daughter and family from the field, which is the key to my success.”
-Mike Libecki

Roz Savage

Roz Savage
Adventurer and environmentalist Roz Savage doesn’t have much room for error when it comes to emergency communications. Another National Geographic Adventurer of the Year (2010), Roz was the first woman to row solo across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. During her many months navigating from California to Hawaii to Kiribati to Papua New Guinea, Roz’s phone is the only line of communication she has on the open seas.

What does she use?
When needing to speak to someone beside marine mammals, Roz turns to the Iridium 9505A. Lightweight and reliable, this Iridium is small enough to take on a voyage where space is at a premium.

Why does she need it?
The first woman to row solo across three oceans, Roz is always at the mercy of Mother Nature. When the seas start storming, a call for help can be the difference between life and death. Even better, Roz never has to change phone providers when she rows into new country’s waters.

When does she use it?
Whether calling for supplies or finding the next weeks weather forecast, Roz knows she can always rely on her satellite phone, no matter which ocean she sails.

What does she have to say?
“When you’re rowing solo across oceans for months at a time, your Satphone connection is, in a very real sense, a lifeline. Rob and his team provided exemplary service for my Pacific and Indian Ocean crossings, helping me find the best solution for my coms needs, and providing emergency support while I was on the ocean – even on a weekend. I wholeheartedly recommend RSSI to all adventurers, seafarers, and anyone else who needs to stay connected from the remotest parts of our planet.”
-Roz Savage

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In order to bridge to communications gap Remote Satellite decided on a two-phase solution, providing both secure Internet connection and instant radio communications. They began by mounting MSAT satellite terminals high up on the stations communications towers, or at high points on the station roofs. By providing clear look angles to the sky, they insured a constant connection to the Skyterra 2 geosynchronous stellate. Expertly routing cable through the existing structure, Remote Satellite set up communications suites with push to talk capabilities inside the command centers of the stations. This allowed for the stations to tie into the state office of emergency services talkgroup (SKYMARS), linking all the surrounding stations to assist with remote blazes with the push of a button. With reliable Internet and radio contact through MSAT’s Smart Talkgroups, the rural fire departments of Marin and Sonoma County can be best prepared when disaster strikes.

UC Medical Center

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Knowing the use case, Remote Satellite was quick to begin setting up a communications suite befitting a hospital facility of the future. The first step after an extensive site survey was the installation of a 1.2 meter Dual NOC Satellite VSAT antenna on the highest point of the hospital complex. With clear lines of sight to both satellites, the terminal provides Ku-Band service through two geostationary satellites.

With the Auto-Acquire antenna in place, Remote Satellite Systems ensured that the complex had 3 dedicated Telephone numbers always on for testing, ensuring that not only would the system be always operational, but that hospital staff and building personnel would have ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with the emergency communication procedures.

The next step was ensuring that critical staff locations like the Nursing Stations and security personal was able to have a direct line of communication both incoming and outgoing in the advent of a disaster . Remote Satellite Systems had voice and data wired into the building at Primary Nurse Station, Security Operations Center, and to the offices of the hospitals Senior Management.

The facility was also given the ability to configure a multitude of additional locations by collocating a secondary Data Switch on 1st floor, providing for scalability and expansion.

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Remote Satellite Systems was contacted in 2008 for the original consulting and system topography design for SFO’s new emergency communications system. Remote Satellite Systems spearheaded the initial design and installation of the system, and continues to support this communications network as SFO expands and develops.

The ability for emergency responders to communicate while away from central command was paramount to the EOC and 911 planners. Remote Satellite Systems began by equipping the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with the very latest in MSAT Satellite technology, giving both the command center and external responders Satellite Dispatch Push-To-Talk Radio capability. Handheld satphones were also deployed with the Emergency Operations staff and the DHS US Customs and Border Protection staff with interoperable mobile operations throughout the airport campus to ensure reliable redundant means of communication at all times.

Part of the solution was multiple systems installed on the Mobile Command Vehicle, and multiple fixed site systems installed in the Operations Center where Remote Satellite was hands on in the training of the departments staff.

This included Annual Training Sessions with both groups and staff for Basic User Operation and Maintenance.

Remote Satellite has also configured and installed a similar system on the FAA Control Tower after thorough review of RF and other Antenna interference issues.

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Remote Satellite Systems began by implementing an integrated communications suite within the command center, relying on a 1.8 meter Ku-Band VSAT antenna situated on the building’s roof. When the system senses a loss in terrestrial communication capabilities for the complex, emergency response personnel can immediately deploy redundant satellite voice and data capability throughout the building. The antenna auto-acquires one of the two Fixed Position Satellites overhead and provides a worry-free line of communication for the EOC and select personnel within the Public Safety Building. The first of its kind, by establishing a Dual-Satellite Network, with East and West Coast Satellites and Earth-station gateways, enables redundancy throughout the emergency satellite solution, wherever disaster strikes communications can be relied on.

The system allows for simultaneous data and voice communications so that vital information can be shared with first responders, all without breaking established lines of contact.

Additionally, implementation of regional and statewide talk groups allows interoperability and redundant lines of communication to out-of-area emergency responders, allowing a coordinated relief effort throughout California and Nationwide no matter what the catastrophic event.

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Creating a Reliable Communications Network with Satellite Technology

The San Francisco Public Safety Building at Mission Bay is the latest of Remote Satellite’s major contracts. The 264,000-square-foot structure houses the new headquarters for the San Francisco Police Department as well district police and fire stations. Built in anticipation of the Bay Area’s next great earthquake, the building needed to have a reliable communications network in place to be an Emergency Operations Center of which the city can be proud. Remote Satellite was eager to step up to the challenge.

Remote Satellite began by implementing an integrated communications suite within the command center, relying on an 6 foot wide Ku-Band VSAT antenna situated on the building’s roof. By establishing a dual-satellite network, with East and West Coast satellites and Earthstation gateways, wherever disaster strikes communications can be relied on. When the system senses a loss in terrestrial communication capabilities, the antenna will automatically deploy and acquire a connection with a fixed satellite, providing a worry-free line of communication for the EOC. The system allows simultaneous data and voice communications so that vital information can be shared with first responders, all without breaking established lines of contact.

If you’d like to learn more about how to establish your own reliable communications network, or modify an existing one,  please don’t hesitate to send us an email or visit us online at

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We currently have a variety of bundles, SOS devices, terminals, and satellite systems on sale. Satellite phones and systems are used in a variety of fields, including construction, military, maritime, and research. They allow consistent communication in remote areas, and in case of emergency. Here are four of our featured sale items.

BGAN 9202 FrontRt HR 80593 largeHughs BGAN 9202 Land Portable Terminal – The respected Hughes brand offers a variety of reliable products. This broadband satellite IP terminal offers ISDN, voice, and a Wi-Fi access point. It utilizes the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) and is the world’s smallest class 2 BGAN terminal, making it highly portable. It’s an ideal emergency and remote access device for first responders, forestry works, oil & gas field workers, public health personnel, and more.

DeLorme inReach SEThe DeLorme inReach SE is a lightweight, affordable tracking and SOS device is an excellent option for high-risk professions or anyone traveling to a remote location with little or no cellular access. It’s a no-nonsense choice, connecting you to friends, family, or work without unnecessary bells and whistles. You can send and receive messages, as well as activate the SOS option if needed. It offers 100% global coverage through the Iridium satellite network, so you’re never out of reach.

Sailor 100 Fleet One – For maritime operations and research, the Sailor 100 Fleet One offers consistent communication no matter where you are. Operating on the reliable Inmarsat I-4 satellites, you’ll be able to access important information and call home from anywhere on the water at a low cost. Commercial fishermen will be able to keep in touch with family, while marine research vessels can keep abreast of current conditions, route planning, and more.

Cobham Explorer 510 (w/Airtime Bundle) – Cobham Explorer 510: This reliable Thane & Thane Explorer BGAN terminal bundle includes everything you need to stay connected anywhere in the world. The terminal weighs less than the average laptop and comes complete with multi-language web server, power supply, Ethernet converter cable, rechargeable lithium ion battery, and more. It’s simple to set up and operate, and can be accessed from your PC, laptop, or smart device. Make calls or access the internet no matter where you are. This bundle includes airtime.

For more information and the full specs for any of these satellite systems products, please click the provided link. If you have any questions, give us a call!

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Upgrade Infrastructure to Improve Travel Satellite Communications

Global communicationThe need to communicate while traveling is a necessity. Without satellite technology, one would not be able to stay in touch with others no matter where they are and how they are traveling all over the world. The same goes for businesses in the travel industry. The need to keep track of all applications, employees and vehicles is a must. More organizations are stepping away from using old and obsolete systems and equipment. In order for any organization to get ahead of the game and improve their operations, they must know which GX provider they can trust. Updating the infrastructure of communications systems and applications is the best and most cost-effective way to implement a worldwide travel satellite communication solution.

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Take Your Operations to the Edge of the World and Beyond

Transportation Satellite in SpaceThere is stiff competition in the transportation satellite communication sector. Logistic companies face so many challenges that can make it extremely hard to gain a competitive edge and keep it. In terms of communication, not having the latest technology and equipment can make it hard for organizations to optimize their services and operating transparency while ensuring the safety and reliability of their employees, operators, vehicles and cargo. The right transportation satellite communication solution can enable organizations to improve the efficiency of their transportation services and operations locally and globally in a cost-effective manner. GX solutions, knowledge and availability of global support can help your organization to overcome many of the challenges it faces today.