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When Remote Satellite Systems was founded, our primary focus revolved around satellite communications. However, as technology has evolved, so has our range of services. We’ve shifted our focus from satellite-centric communications to blended communications, which prioritize redundancy and resilience in our infrastructure. By integrating multiple technologies, we can create robust and reliable backup communications networks.

Smart-Blended Technology for Enhanced Resilience and Redundancy

Satellite communications have played a vital role in establishing connectivity over long distances and in remote areas where traditional terrestrial infrastructure was unavailable or impractical. They served critical industries such as emergency response, disaster management, maritime operations, and remote businesses that heavily relied on consistent and uninterrupted communication.

However, as technology has advanced, the importance of redundancy in communication systems has become increasingly evident. Relying solely on a single method of communication poses risks, as satellite signals can be affected by various factors such as atmospheric conditions, obstructions, or technical malfunctions. In addition, connectivity options in remote locations are often limited; even in urban areas, there are cellular dead zones that impede reliable communication. 

To overcome these challenges, we offer network routing devices such as Dejero M6E6F and 211 Gateway Aggregators, that aggregate multiple network services such as Fiber, LTE, 4G, 5G, satellite, OneWeb, and Starlink to enhance redundancy and ensure uninterrupted connectivity in even the most challenging situations. If one connection or technology encounters difficulties, the system seamlessly transitions to an alternative path, ensuring continuous communication.

By diversifying the communication infrastructure, the risk of single-point failures and service disruptions is mitigated. This is particularly crucial for users that rely on “on-the-move” mobile deployments that need continuous and reliable communication wherever they are deployed, such as first responders and law enforcement. Smart-blended technology offers a higher level of reliability and an emergency backup that allows organizations to maintain their operations, respond to emergencies, and communicate effectively in diverse and unknown locations during critical situations.

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