FirstNetMany emergency organizations across the United States are excited about FirstNet. The First Responder Network Authority, and its partner AT&T, is giving emergency organizations that have opted into the service priority and preemption during emergencies and large events. During these times, broadband networks can often become overcrowded, slowing down or cutting out service. Priority moves first responders to the front of the communications lines using Harrier VSAT, prioritizing their network needs over others in the area. Preemption goes another step further by ensuring disaster response teams can access FirstNet whenever they need to, anytime of day or night. When the line becomes clogged, it shifts non-emergency users to another line, freeing up space for the first responders to easily get through.

Fast and Clear Coverage When First Responders Need It

FirstNet is the first network in the world to give first responders priority and preemption. They will be able to communicate and access information in real time, helping first responders quickly coordinate to save lives. This includes voice and text messages, videos, images, data from apps, and location information will all be easily shareable, without having to compete with non-emergency users. It’s important to note that calls or texts to 911 will never be shifted. This is a gamechanger for public safety organizations.

First Responder Network Authority announced in Spring 2018 that it has given AT&T the go-ahead to begin the buildout of their nationwide public safety broadband network. Part of this job is deploying public safety organizations’ dedicated spectrum, Band 14, across statewide radio access networks in territories and states across the country. This buildout of FirstNet will bring more reliability, capacity, and coverage to first responders throughout the United States, especially in rural areas. Read more about the announcement here.

If you are interested in purchasing FirstNet compatible satellite communications equipment for your local, state, or federal organization, Remote Satellite Systems can help. Consult with us on the needs of your agency today.

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