Case Study

Making our mark on Public Safety in San Francisco

The Solution

Remote Satellite Systems began by implementing an integrated communications suite within the command center, relying on a 1.8 meter Ku-Band VSAT antenna situated on the building’s roof. When the system senses a loss in terrestrial communication capabilities for the complex, emergency response personnel can immediately deploy redundant satellite voice and data capability throughout the building. The antenna auto-acquires one of the two Fixed Position Satellites overhead and provides a worry-free line of communication for the EOC and select personnel within the Public Safety Building. The first of its kind, by establishing a Dual-Satellite Network, with East and West Coast Satellites and Earth-station gateways, enables redundancy throughout the emergency satellite solution, wherever disaster strikes communications can be relied on.

The system allows for simultaneous data and voice communications so that vital information can be shared with first responders, all without breaking established lines of contact.

Additionally, implementation of regional and statewide talk groups allows interoperability and redundant lines of communication to out-of-area emergency responders, allowing a coordinated relief effort throughout California and Nationwide no matter what the catastrophic event.

We Are Here And Ready To Help

Remote Satellite Systems, as an essential business, will be open and fully operational during this challenging time in our history. We are ready to address the business continuity, safety and emergency needs of private businesses and government agencies. To reach us directly, please call us at 888-989-8199.