Marin Rural Fire Departments MSAT PTT

In order to bridge to communications gap Remote Satellite decided on a two-phase solution, providing both secure Internet connection and instant radio communications. They began by mounting MSAT satellite terminals high up on the stations communications towers, or at high points on the station roofs. By providing clear look angles to the sky, they insured a constant connection to the Skyterra 2 geosynchronous stellate. Expertly routing cable through the existing structure, Remote Satellite set up communications suites with push to talk capabilities inside the command centers of the stations. This allowed for the stations to tie into the state office of emergency services talkgroup (SKYMARS), linking all the surrounding stations to assist with remote blazes with the push of a button. With reliable Internet and radio contact through MSAT’s Smart Talkgroups, the rural fire departments of Marin and Sonoma County can be best prepared when disaster strikes.

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