UC Medical Center and Children’s Hospital at Mission Bay

Knowing the use case, Remote Satellite was quick to begin setting up a communications suite befitting a hospital facility of the future. The first step after an extensive site survey was the installation of a 1.2 meter Dual NOC Satellite VSAT antenna on the highest point of the hospital complex. With clear lines of sight to both satellites, the terminal provides Ku-Band service through two geostationary satellites.

With the Auto-Acquire antenna in place, Remote Satellite Systems ensured that the complex had 3 dedicated Telephone numbers always on for testing, ensuring that not only would the system be always operational, but that hospital staff and building personnel would have ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with the emergency communication procedures.

The next step was ensuring that critical staff locations like the Nursing Stations and security personal was able to have a direct line of communication both incoming and outgoing in the advent of a disaster . Remote Satellite Systems had voice and data wired into the building at Primary Nurse Station, Security Operations Center, and to the offices of the hospitals Senior Management.

The facility was also given the ability to configure a multitude of additional locations by collocating a secondary Data Switch on 1st floor, providing for scalability and expansion.

Securing Communications at San Francisco Int’l Airport

Remote Satellite Systems was contacted in 2008 for the original consulting and system topography design for SFO’s new emergency communications system. Remote Satellite Systems spearheaded the initial design and installation of the system, and continues to support this communications network as SFO expands and develops.

The ability for emergency responders to communicate while away from central command was paramount to the EOC and 911 planners. Remote Satellite Systems began by equipping the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with the very latest in MSAT Satellite technology, giving both the command center and external responders Satellite Dispatch Push-To-Talk Radio capability. Handheld satphones were also deployed with the Emergency Operations staff and the DHS US Customs and Border Protection staff with interoperable mobile operations throughout the airport campus to ensure reliable redundant means of communication at all times.

Part of the solution was multiple systems installed on the Mobile Command Vehicle, and multiple fixed site systems installed in the Operations Center where Remote Satellite was hands on in the training of the departments staff.

This included Annual Training Sessions with both groups and staff for Basic User Operation and Maintenance.

Remote Satellite has also configured and installed a similar system on the FAA Control Tower after thorough review of RF and other Antenna interference issues.

Making our mark on Public Safety in San Francisco

Remote Satellite Systems began by implementing an integrated communications suite within the command center, relying on a 1.8 meter Ku-Band VSAT antenna situated on the building’s roof. When the system senses a loss in terrestrial communication capabilities for the complex, emergency response personnel can immediately deploy redundant satellite voice and data capability throughout the building. The antenna auto-acquires one of the two Fixed Position Satellites overhead and provides a worry-free line of communication for the EOC and select personnel within the Public Safety Building. The first of its kind, by establishing a Dual-Satellite Network, with East and West Coast Satellites and Earth-station gateways, enables redundancy throughout the emergency satellite solution, wherever disaster strikes communications can be relied on.

The system allows for simultaneous data and voice communications so that vital information can be shared with first responders, all without breaking established lines of contact.

Additionally, implementation of regional and statewide talk groups allows interoperability and redundant lines of communication to out-of-area emergency responders, allowing a coordinated relief effort throughout California and Nationwide no matter what the catastrophic event.

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