Case Study

Securing Communications at San Francisco Int’l Airport

The Solution

Remote Satellite Systems was contacted in 2008 for the original consulting and system topography design for SFO’s new emergency communications system. Remote Satellite Systems spearheaded the initial design and installation of the system, and continues to support this communications network as SFO expands and develops.

The ability for emergency responders to communicate while away from central command was paramount to the EOC and 911 planners. Remote Satellite Systems began by equipping the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with the very latest in MSAT Satellite technology, giving both the command center and external responders Satellite Dispatch Push-To-Talk Radio capability. Handheld satphones were also deployed with the Emergency Operations staff and the DHS US Customs and Border Protection staff with interoperable mobile operations throughout the airport campus to ensure reliable redundant means of communication at all times.

Part of the solution was multiple systems installed on the Mobile Command Vehicle, and multiple fixed site systems installed in the Operations Center where Remote Satellite was hands on in the training of the departments staff.

This included Annual Training Sessions with both groups and staff for Basic User Operation and Maintenance.

Remote Satellite has also configured and installed a similar system on the FAA Control Tower after thorough review of RF and other Antenna interference issues.

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Remote Satellite Systems, as an essential business, will be open and fully operational during this challenging time in our history. We are ready to address the business continuity, safety and emergency needs of private businesses and government agencies. To reach us directly, please call us at 888-989-8199.