3 Essential Purposes of Maritime Satellite Communications

3 Essential Purposes of Maritime Satellite Communications

Maritime Satellite CommunicationsTelecommunications requirements have become the standard for short- and long-term voyaging. Although maritime satellite communications are becoming increasingly important, the solutions that work on land don’t typically operate at sea. Ship-to-shore radio signals and expensive phone calls are no longer the only options for marine communications.

Key Satellite Communication Services

Officers, crews, ship owners, and managers need trustworthy, simple to operate, and easy to maintain communication services while at sea. With the introduction of FleetBroadband and the affordable prices of Maritime VSAT, cost-effective broadband data and Internet voice services are available while on the water. The three key purposes of maritime satellite communications include:

  1. Voice calling, for commercial ship operations, crew morale, and keep vessels in touch with family
  2. Wi-Fi email, establishes satellite Wi-Fi access points for email on smartphones, tablets, or laptops
  3. The Internet, for browsing mobile sites and obtaining weather data

Remote Satellite Systems offers a maritime satellite communications service for recreational vessels and commercial fleets. We understand the importance of selecting devices, equipment, and services developed specifically for satellite use to obtain the best pricing and service.

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Achieving Peace of Mind with Business Continuity

Business ContinuityIn an area where natural disasters such as earthquakes and wildfires can occur without notice, it’s crucial to have a back-up plan to effectively restore fundamental business functions and help carry out recovery strategies quickly and easily. Oftentimes a company will depend on third party providers—enterprises that will also suffer setbacks in the advent of a major catastrophe – or they haven’t set up a contingency plan in the event of a disaster, and thus suffer the consequences. Because of this it’s of the utmost importance to have a plan in place to immediately restore vital utilities such as telephone, internet, wireless, and other lines of data and voice communications without having to rely on major utilities corporations to get back up and running.

Remote Satellite Systems can help your business do just that. In-building solutions is our specialty. We have been “building-out” the emergency satellite communications infrastructure in the Bay Area for over 18 years, and are equipped to design final redundancy solutions on a business-by-business basis. Our team of experts make sure that your voice and data connections are fully and optimally implemented. They can perform extensive on-site planning and design, and will build site-specific communications rigs that integrate seamlessly with existing building infrastructure to make sure companies don’t lose a step when other services are interrupted, offering you peace of mind. Take a look on our website at some of the many business continuity solutions Remote Satellite has deployed for businesses over the past few years.

To learn more about how to establish business continuity solutions, please contact us via email or visit us online at http://www.remotesatellite.com.

Interoperability Amongst Emergency Responders

InteroperabilityWhen disaster strikes our coast its effects are widespread and emergency resources and personnel are stretched to the limit. A catastrophe can disrupt even the most basic terrestrial communication and cellular infrastructure. In these kinds of situations it’s vital for emergency responders to have clear, open, and uninterrupted lines of communication amongst each other, thereby enabling a coordinated and faster approach to tackling natural disasters. The use of an Interoperable Communications Network can help speed up and maximize the response of area emergency corps.

Satellite-based communication can ensure reliable backup communications, alleviating all regional terrestrial components in the event of a disaster. This is where Remote Satellite Systems comes in. A premier satellite telecommunications distributor since 1998, Remote Satellite has designed – and continues to support – a crucial communications network that enables both public safety and government agencies to connect with each other in times of crisis. Initially developed for the San Francisco Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), Remote Satellite immediately saw the need for broader application of the communications network in the area and beyond. Since then talk groups have been established for a wide swath of emergency personnel agencies around the State of California, and its positive results have been far reaching.

Considered both a life- and time-saving resource, Remote Satellite is able to quickly establish a satellite talk group in any desired region, allowing agency officials to easily and clearly communicate with each other as well as other state and local agencies. Robert Rosen, president of Remote Satellite explains that in “an area that is prone to earthquakes and wildfires, making interoperability among agencies is critical to protecting the public. With the development of the Dispatch Radio over Satellite Networks, public safety and public service officials in the region have a communications system they can rely on.” Take a look at our website for some examples of the many emergency communications solutions Remote Satellite can provide for both urban and rural emergency responders.

To learn more about how to establish your own Interoperable Communications Network, or join an existing one, please send us an email or visit us at www.remotesatellite.com.

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