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3 Essential Purposes of Maritime Satellite Communications

Maritime Satellite CommunicationsTelecommunications requirements have become the standard for short- and long-term voyaging. Although maritime satellite communications are becoming increasingly important, the solutions that work on land don’t typically operate at sea. Ship-to-shore radio signals and expensive phone calls are no longer the only options for marine communications.

Key Satellite Communication Services

Officers, crews, ship owners, and managers need trustworthy, simple to operate, and easy to maintain communication services while at sea. With the introduction of FleetBroadband and the affordable prices of Maritime VSAT, cost-effective broadband data and Internet voice services are available while on the water. The three key purposes of maritime satellite communications include:

  1. Voice calling, for commercial ship operations, crew morale, and keep vessels in touch with family
  2. Wi-Fi email, establishes satellite Wi-Fi access points for email on smartphones, tablets, or laptops
  3. The Internet, for browsing mobile sites and obtaining weather data

Remote Satellite Systems offers a maritime satellite communications service for recreational vessels and commercial fleets. We understand the importance of selecting devices, equipment, and services developed specifically for satellite use to obtain the best pricing and service.

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