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Emergency Satellite CommunicationsHaving an emergency satellite communications plan in place in case of disaster or unforeseen circumstance is an overall smart move, regardless of your industry. When catastrophic events strike, traditional terrestrial communication, like landlines or cellphones, can quickly become useless. How will you maintain contact? An emergency satphone system will provide you with a reliable communication device that allows you to keep in contact, maintain business continuity, and keep regular operations functioning smoothly.

An emergency satellite phone is an ideal solution for a number of different industries, particularly public responders and those involved with public safety. In the event of a catastrophe, fire, search and rescue, and police responders will always have reliable emergency satellite communications, even if typical communication lines are unusable. At Remote Satellite Systems International, we’ve been providing communication systems, emergency satphone service, training, equipment rental, and more for over 15 years. We excel in providing communication solutions for offices, hospitals, government buildings, and remote areas. If you’re concerned about connectivity in case of emergency, contact us today so we can find the equipment and service that’s right for you.

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Whether you’re a business seeking to ensure you can maintain your continuity or a government organization that needs to remain in contact at all times, emergency satellite communications will alleviate the worry of having your communication system knocked out when disaster strikes. At RSSI, our options include a variety of hardware, service choices, and redundant backup capabilities. To contact a member of our expert team about the solution that’s right for you, please call us at 1-888-989-8199 today.
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