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Approved GSA SupplierAre you looking for an approved GSA supplier for your satellite communications needs? Remote Satellite Systems is an approved GSA SAT phone supplier that offers the best customer service in the industry. GSA approved vendors are specifically chosen because they have a track record of supplying high quality product with efficiency and a history of satisfied customers. For nearly two decades Remote Satellite Systems Inc. has been doing just that. We are a proud provider of satellite equipment and network services.

Providing Innovative Satellite Solutions for Government Agencies

Do you have a complex communication problem? We are an approved GSA supplier that has worked with fire, law enforcement, and medical agencies to ensure they have the satellite network essential to saving lives. As a government approved SAT phone supplier, we have worked consulted on large-scale projects and offered hands-on training to local, regional, and federal organizations.

Remote Satellite Systems specializes in planning and implementation of backup emergency satellite communications systems. In times of environmental disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and floods that can disrupt ground communication services, satellite communication offers a reliable alternative that can aid government agencies in restoring order, organizing rescue and cleanup efforts, and connect to other resources outside the area. It is critical for government facilities to be able to communicate with voice and data services, especially in an emergency. As a an approved GSA SAT phone supplier, our innovative company can design a solution that works for your organization. Our range of services as an approved GSA supplier, from in-building solutions to portable Push-To-Talk devices that can used around the world, mean that you will always be connected. The satellite communications agency has expanded and improved greatly over the last twenty years, and Remote Satellite Systems will continue to stay on the forefront of the newest technologies, services available, and solutions for our customers. Our GSA Contract Number is GS35F0439S and the Remote Satellite Cage Code is 1E5X5. Contact us to discuss your satellite needs today.

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