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GSA Approved SAT Phone ProviderIf you’re looking for a GSA Approved SAT phone provider, you’ve found one of the best in the business. The General Services Administration has approved Remote Satellite Systems, Inc. to sell satcom devices to the United States Government for all of their needs, including military, maritime, environmental, research, and more. As a SAT Communications Approved GSA provider, we support the government with the best equipment, geosynchronous low-earth satellite networks, and service available today. From a GSA VSAT to portable internet for emergency use, we have solutions that work for your department.

The Perfect Solution For Your Communications Needs

Here at Remote Satellite Systems, Inc., we’ve been providing satcom services and technology solutions to a wider range of industries for over 15 years. Since the days when the equipment was heavier and more expensive, we’ve relied on our team’s excellent technical expertise to provide superior service to our customers, both private and federal. While satellite technology is more affordable and less cumbersome today, our business continues to thrive thanks to our attention to detail and ability to help our customers navigate unexpected pitfalls.

As a GSA Approved SAT phone provider, we’re able to provide this service to any governmental department in need of satcom technology, whether than be emergency personnel responding to a natural disaster, park rangers navigating terrain, or Navy operatives monitoring operations at sea. We utilize dependable geosynchronous low-earth satellite networks that allow our SAT phones to operate anywhere in the world, and we offer dishes and portable internet technology to keep communications open no matter where the job takes you or your people. When you need a SAT Communications Approved GSA Provider, you can always depend on us.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our work with relevant government departments and private industry, please let us know. From phone and radio communication to SMS and email functionality, no matter what you need, wherever you need it, satcom is there.

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