Sea Tel USAT24 Ku-Band Maritime VSAT Specs

Antenna 60cm/24″ Ring Focus feed
Receive gain 34.0dBi @ 10.95 GHz
Transmit gain 36.0dBi @ 14.0 GHz
13.5 dB / K calculated G/T @ 12 GHz (clear sky, 20 degrees elevation)
Radome 70cm / 27.2″ D X 68cm / 26.6″ H
Weight 30Kg / 65 lbs max
Meets FCC EIRP Spectral Density Mask @ -21.6 dBW / 4KHz
Ship’s Motion: +/- 25 Roll and +/- 20 / 10
Linear polarized feed with Auto Pol
Built-In GPS for fast satellite acquision
Azimuth Range of Motion 680 Degrees (Limited)
Elevation Pointing Range +20 to +65 @ 10 of roll
Bilt-in test capability, run from antenna control unit or PC
Windows M&C program
Bilt-in test includes Strip Chard Recorder
Remote Diagnostic Capable


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