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Satellite Phones For SaleIf you’re looking for an excellent selection of BGAN satellite phones for sale, you’ve come to the right place. For more than 15 years, Remote Satellite Systems International™ has provided the very best in satphones, MSAT, BGAN, training, prepaid satellite phone plans, data service, rentals, and more. Whether you need reliable communication for business or pleasure, we have everything you need. We provide satphones that are a perfect fit for construction companies, military use, disaster relief, mapping and tracking, oil & gas, sailing and pleasure boating, fleet communications, and much more.

When you come to us, you’re working with people who really understand satellite communications. From wi-fi hotspots to handheld devices, we’re a one-stop shop for everything from equipment to airtime plans. We offer the biggest names in satphones along with access to the very best networks in the world (and the solar system, so far). Our online catalog features all of our satellite phones for sale and much more, including portable terminals and emergency kits. From data collection to remote automation, you’ll find everything you need at RSSI. Our BGAN prepaid satellite phone plans are convenient and cost-effective. There are a range of options available for any budget, so just let us know what your parameters are and we’ll find the right fit for you. Between a reliable network, high-quality gear, training for your staff, and affordable airtime plans, you’re covered in over 110 countries!

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