The Red Phone Network

The Red Phone Network is essentially a Private Telephone Network over Satellite, that creates interoperability between different Agencies and Organizations that has never existed before.

The ability to fast dial any agency that is on the Red Phone Network Directory while bypassing the compromised Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is a powerful tool that cannot be under estimated.

The Red Phone is the response to “What happens during a communication outage?”. Red Phones connect with Red Phones for voice communication during cellular, landline, or Internet outages. Red Phones can also be used for normal everyday communication at no significant additional cost. (There is a small amount of data used over the satellite link.)  The red phone works exclusively with a Dual VSAT Network.

Red Phone Satellite Link

Red Phone Highlights

Operates when everything else is offline. True Off-Grid communications.
Private organizations can maintain their own Red Phone network and directory.
Public agencies can stay connected with other public agencies on network.
Each phone is issued a 5 digit extension number. Simply dial this number to connect.

Off Grid Communication

The Red Phone Network’s centralized PBX voice server does not rely on any outside links or outside power sources to maintain a fully operational phone network. All Red Phones are always available to other Red Phones through a satellite link. Red Phones are pre-configured prior to shipping and feature plug-and-play installation. Backup power should be available for both the red phones and the satellite station to avoid downtime during a power outage.

Installations by Remote Satellite

Please see examples of emergency systems installed by Remote satellite for organizations like The San Francisco Public Safety Building at Mission Bay, and the UC Medical Center and Children’s Hospital at Mission Bay.

Contact Us if you would like to discuss an emergency solution for your Public or Private entity.

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