Harrier VSAT Antenna System

The Harrier VSAT Provides First Responders with Critical Connectivity

First responders need to be able to connect wherever they are. A working connection can mean the difference between life and death when it comes to emergency situations. This could include firefighters battling a blaze in a rural area, medical personnel assisting a disaster zone, police helping residents escape flooding, or any other emergency first responders face. In situations where first responders are working to save lives, it’s crucial to have a stable connection.

That’s where the Harrier VSAT comes in. This cutting-edge technology provides voice, cellular, data, and video streaming in a highly-portable kit. The Harrier VSAT Antennae System meets weight and dimension requirements to be checked as baggage on commercial airlines, meaning you can easily take it wherever you need to go. Harrier, a leading manufacturer of quality satellite equipment, has created this device with First Responders in mind.

FirstNet Compatible System

First responders are faced with a myriad of different life and death situations. Every day on the job is different, but what doesn’t change is the need for clear communication that works in the field. The Harrier VSAT Antennae System is FirstNet compatible, meaning your emergency response team will have the wireless and cellular connection you need to communicate mission-critical information. As FirstNet launches, it’s important to have FirstNet-ready devices at the ready. This satellite communications system is fully turn key, straightforward to setup, has a quick deploy system, and will allow your organization to take advantage of FirstNet capabilities. The kit unpacks, assembles, and provides network connectivity in under 10 minutes with no tools. First responders in various departments are already relying on this integrated cellular system. When lives are on the line, turn to Remote Satellite Solutions to provide a rapid-deployable communications solution: The Harrier VSAT.

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