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When it comes to defense and military communications, you really cannot be too dedicated to finding the best solution. Communication specialists know that a satellite phone is a solid option when you need a reliable device that can still function in remote or sparsely populated areas. During military operations, it’s unlikely that you’ll always be in range of a cell tower. Here at Remote Satellite Systems International, we’ve been providing satellite communications and training to governments, business, and individuals for over 15 years, and we know all the best solutions for military use.

We carry a variety of time-tested brands like IsatPhone, Thrane & Thrane, Hughes, Iridium, and more. All of these are solid options for defense and military communications due to their reliability and capability. Whether you need a portable satellite phone kit or a mobile terminal, we’ve got you covered. In addition to selling equipment, we also offer rentals, training, and airtime service, which offers a great deal of convenience for our clients. RSSI service is available in more than 110 countries, and satellite options grant coverage for areas with minimal or no traditional communication options. This technology is regularly utilized by government workers, military personnel, research scientists, maritime workers, and more. Its versatility and reliability makes it the ideal option for emergency communication. When you need to consistently remain in touch no matter where you are, this is your solution.

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