Iridium Postpaid PTT North America Table

Iridium North America Push-to-Talk
Talk Group Monthly Fee Group Size Limit Iridium PTT Handset Monthly Fee
Small Unlimited Talk Group Fees Free 100,000 Km2 $125.00
Medium Unlimited Talk Group Fees Free 300,000 Km2 $125.00
Large Unlimited Talk Group Fees $4,250.00 750,000 Km2 $125.00
X-Large Unlimited Talk Group Fees $5,832.00 1,500,000 Km2 $125.00
Jumbo Unlimited Talk Group Fees $13,335.00 2,250,000 Km2 $125.00

**See RSSI Airtime contract for full Plan details by completing the contact information form below

  • Activation fee is $45 per handset
  • All Talk Groups include UNLIMITED talk time with one month minimum commitments
  • Talkgroups must have a minimum of three devices per Talkgroup to be eligible for reimbursement

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