Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus

What Is It

This is the innovative new multi-service platform from Iridium, a vanguard in satellite communications. The new Iridium NEXT constellation will deliver worldwide, reliable, and scalable services while revolutionizing the capabilities of mobile satellite communications.

Want onWith the variety of communication solutions offered by Remote Satellite Systems, users can use the Iridium network for a range of applications, from vehicular drive-away systems to totally portable mobile offerings. Not only does the power and speed of the Iridium Certus platform make your aviation, maritime, and land communication solutions faster and truly mobile, the platform is scalable with your business. With voice, data, and broadcast options and continuing innovations, Iridium Certus will scale with your operational needs.

Why Is It Exciting?

Iridium Certus is sparking a revolution in mobile wireless communications. With over a million subscribers, Iridium continues to offer the best service and ongoing improvements for their customers. This new platform, powered by the NEXT constellation, will give users service unlike any other provider. The purposefully overlapping structure of NEXT gives users service anywhere on the planet. While distant geostationary satellite networks limit geographic use and are dependent on the weather for good service, Iridium Certus is powered by a network of 66 low earth orbiting satellites that provide service pole to pole. Iridium is currently in the process of completely upgrading their network, with 2/3 of the new satellites already launched by SpaceX and up and running. Iridium has invested $3 billion into this project to modernize their satellites and prove their position as a global communications industry leader. With the new satellites, Iridium will provide coverage anywhere on the globe with a range of speeds eventually reaching 1.4 Mbps. If you need data in remote areas of the world, Iridium is now equipped to help.

Interested in Iridium Certus? The professionals at Remote Satellite Systems can discuss what service is best suited to your needs – push-to-talk, streaming data, data broadcast and safety services – and set you up with the proper equipment and service. Contact us today to learn more.

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