Cobham Explorer 8100 and 8120 1.0 /1.2 meter Drive-Away VSAT with Auto-Acquire Antenna System

Does your job require you to go to desolate and rugged patches of the Earth? There are explorers, scientists, press, humanitarian groups and others who work in the isolation areas of glaciers in Antarctica, rainforests in Southeast Asia, and deserts in Africa, and cannot use traditional cell phones. For many who work in these remote areas, lack of communication with family and friends can be extremely disheartening. Satellite communication is a much needed solution that can be used to talk, email, transfer data, video conferences, and even lifesaving communication when a remote person is in trouble.


When you need a reliable and rugged satellite connection, turn to Remote Satellite Systems. We are pleased to announce we now have two new offerings: Explorer 8100 and Explorer 8120.


These high-end, drive-away models can be used both on a vehicle and in very harsh windy conditions    – they won’t disconnect with high wind gusts or vehicle movement, like some lower priced VSAT models –  once you’ve deployed the antenna  at your destination. They are both rugged systems built completely in-house by Cobham SATCOM Group, a leader in satellite communications construction. In recent years, Cobham has developed some of the most advanced portable satellite technology in the industry. These new models are not only rugged, they are pushing the frontier of Dual Satellite Network technology. New antenna designs means the Explorer 8100 offers industry-leading satellite acquisition times, with pointing typically achieved in less than 4 minutes! With the speed and portability of these systems, you have high quality connectivity with ease of use.


We’ve stated before the importance of staying ahead of technology. Whether you are a researcher or a disaster relief group, there will be a time when you need to communicate with your partners, company, government, or loved ones. Be prepared with the right equipment. We have helped individuals and companies across a wide swath of industries find the right communications solution for them. Contact Remote Satellite Systems International to discuss what the best option is for your needs and budget, we have many VSAT options as well as a full range of satellite communications devices.

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