Public Safety Satellite Communication

Putting Safety First With Satellite Communication

Global Digital NetworkMany changes and advancements in technology have been made to public safety satellite communication systems in light of recent tragedies. In the past, public safety officials relied heavily on radio technology to transmit vital information over terrestrial systems regarding emergency situations and catastrophic events to help boost response times.

Competitive Advantage to Boost Public Safety

Satellite communications systems have an edge over terrestrial ones. When radio and terrestrial communication breaks down in light of disruptive events, chaos can ensue, making it harder for emergency response teams to respond. To prevent the lines of communication from breaking down, Global Xpress satellite communication technology can be used to successfully bridge the gap and improve response time. Public organizations and businesses should upgrade their public safety satellite communication systems so communication and information can be transmitted immediately and efficiently without interference.

The Arrival of a New and Reliable Connectivity Provider

Abstract mesh background with circles, lines and shapesTo facilitate the speed and efficiency of communication, data and connectivity, Global Xpress (GX), a new Inmarsat Service has been introduced to the world. This revolutionary new satellite service is capable of supporting various applications while delivering extremely high and reliable bandwidth speeds. Global Xpress allows customers across aviation, maritime, enterprise and government sectors to improve their communication infrastructure, reliability, response and operations so they can provide better services remotely and onsite. There are also land and transportable versions of GX available. This high-speed solution makes it possible for businesses everywhere to explore new possibilities from various locations so they can redefine the way they operate and deliver services. Although GX is currently partially launched in the I-5 F3 (European) Region, it is expected to launch globally sometime during the year.

Environmental Monitoring Satellite Communication

Environmental Monitoring Satellite CommunicationWhen it comes to environmental monitoring, you need an application that has many sensors and early warning systems in place to keep you alert of any changes in real time. Environmental monitoring satellite communication solutions featuring GX technology make it possible for you to manage and monitor any environment remotely and onsite. Using satellite technology and equipment, you can receive, analyze and transmit reliable satellite data from any remote sites all over the world. Our solutions help to eliminate the need for additional manpower and expenses so your organization can keep track of environmental conditions and equipment status. Environmental monitoring satellite communication solutions are powerful enough to help your employees and organization to stay connected no matter where they are remotely located in the world.

Disaster Preparedness Satellite Communication

Disaster PreparednessImproving Disaster Communication Infrastructure

Communication is vitally important to any business and organization, especially when there is a need to respond to disasters and catastrophic events. As technology continues to advance, the need to improve communication systems, applications and infrastructure persists, so that numerous lives can be saved.

Satellite Technology Increases Efficiency

To facilitate timely response, disaster preparedness satellite communication systems need to be readily available for use. Many organizations see the cost of migrating to satellite disaster communication systems costly. Finding the resources to meet the demand for global warehouse creation and maintenance can be a challenge. To help public and private organizations to address disasters in the most efficient manner possible, GX offers several high-speed solutions for businesses and organizations to upgrade their communication infrastructure to meet their short and long term needs.

Gain the Competitive Edge With Satellite Communications

Deep space watch from large satellite dishesAs the face of technology continues to transform the way businesses operate, the need to improve communication infrastructure remains. Many organizations find themselves in a race against the clock to find the missing link that will allow them to enhance their communications without affecting their bottom-line. Fortunately, business on demand satellite communication is the key.

Embracing the New Standard

Satellite communication technology is rapidly becoming the standard in the business industry. Instead of having to constantly purchase new programs, equipment and train new employees, businesses can minimize their costs and upgrade their communication infrastructure without becoming obsolete by investing in GX satellite solutions. In turn, they can better meet the needs and demands of their customers and grow their organizations substantially.

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