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Remote Satellite Systems is excited to announce the MANTA Satellite Terminal from Paradigm. We are dedicated to providing the best solutions for our client’s complex requirements. The MANTA Satellite Terminal from Paradigm with the ground-breaking flat-panel satellite antenna from KYMETA offers the chance to establish mobile communication services easily, quickly, and conveniently.

With the PARADIGM MANTA with integrated KYMETA MTENNA bundled with Intelsat’s KALO Space Segment Remote Satellite Systems is offering a Turnkey on-the-move, mobile communication solution.

The MANTA Terminal with the KYMETA Mtenna comes in single case, making it easy to carry and load into vehicles for complete portability. It is lightweight and can be used on the ground or mounted to a vehicle for satellite communications on-the-move. It’s streamlined design makes it conveniently fit on roof racks if needed. Naturally, it is robustly manufactured and built to withstand even the harshest of environments. Emergency responders, NGOs, and military teams can use the MANTA Terminal to connect with vital resources and colleagues.

Innovative Technology Makes the Difference

What makes the MANTA Terminal different than other portable and drive-away satellite antennas? It is a self-pointing flat-panel antenna (Mtenna) that has no moving parts. This makes it simple and straightforward for users to set-up. No pointing or complex set-up means that it is operational in mere minutes! All you need to do for static and mobile satellite communications is add power.

The MANTA Terminal provides Ku-Band, high throughput complete solution for groups that need access to fixed and mobile satellite communications on-the-move. This Paradigm MANTA Terminal is versatile for multiple applications. It combines cutting edge flat panel self-pointing technology with the PIM®(Paradigm Interface Module), totally integrates RF as well as all of the major modem types, and transmits quickly and accurately. The innovative software behind the MANTA forms beams to track the satellite with no moving parts. There’s even a handheld remote that provides satellite selection, a transmit mute option, system status information, and additional live beam heading indication. The PARADIGM KYMETA MANTA partnership has everything you need for fixed or mobile satellite communications, all in a single, sleek case.

Lose the set-up time. Rapid communication when you need it.


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