Isat Dock Fixed Passive Antenna Specs

General Specification
RF Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Equipment Type Fixed Base Station
Inmarsat Transmit (operational) 1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz
Inmarsat Receive (operational) 1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz 1575.42 ± 10.25 MHz (GPS L1)
Inmarsat Receive (extended) 1518.0 to 1525.0 MHz
Antenna Description Type Transport
Channel Spacing N/A
Duty Cycle N/A
Intended Operating Environment Commercial Light Industry & Heavy Industry
Inmarsat Transmit (extended) 1668.0 to 1675.0 MHz
Environmental Specification
Dimensions Height 231 mm (9.09
Weight 0.9 kg (1.98 lbs)


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