Approved GSA, CalNet & CMAS Supplier

Remote Satellite Systems is proud to be an approved GSA, CalNet, and CMAS supplier. As an approved supplier, our business has been officially recognized as a vendor for government contracts due to our stellar track record of high-quality equipment and superior customer service. We supply Satcom devices for every need, including:

  • Military
  • Maritime
  • Transportation
  • Environmental
  • Research
  • Emergency backup communications

Whether you’re searching for a rugged, dependable satellite phone or a portable, auto-acquire fly-away system, we have solutions for your communication needs. 

Innovative Satellite Communications for Government Agencies

If you have a complex communication issue, we have answers. For more than 22 years, Remote Satellite has been providing government agencies with effective communication equipment, airtime services and network support. We not only supply the equipment, but we can also create complete packages to address your communication challenges. As an approved vendor, you can rely on our technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge. We have consulted on projects of every scale, and offer hands-on training to local, regional, and federal organizations. 

A lot has changed with satellite equipment since we were first founded in 1998, but we remain on the cutting-edge of communication technology. We work hard to provide exceptional customer service and to provide our customers with the right equipment that completely addresses their needs – whether it be for emergency personnel responding to a natural disaster or Navy specialists who need to coordinate operations. We specialize in planning and implementing backup satellite communications systems, which offer a reliable alternative to government agencies during environmental disasters or while stationed in remote regions. 

With our services, you can ensure that your department will have reliable communication no matter where they are. If your state or government agency organization is searching for GSA, CalNet, or CMAS Supplier, you can rely on Remote Satellite Systems to help you select the best equipment for you and your Satcom needs. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at 707-545-8199.

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