The San Francisco Ambulance Deployment Facility (Station 49) 

San Francisco Ambulance Deployment Facility Station 49

The Situation 

Each year, the San Francisco Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services Division responds to approximately 90,000 emergency calls, ranging from behavioral health emergencies to large multi-vehicular accidents.

The Challenge

The Emergency Medical Services was formally headquartered in the San Francisco Fire Department’s logistics warehouse; the division needed a new, seismically-safe headquarters with state-of-the-art technology that allows them to better prepare their ambulances for deployment when responding to emergency calls. 

Additionally, they needed backup communication systems to act as a fail-over in the event of a natural disaster or other emergencies that could affect terrestrial communication. The most cost-effective and efficient solution for these challenges was to integrate this critical technology into the facility as it was being built, however, many designers and architects aren’t familiar with how best to implement it. 

The Solution

Serving as the home of the Fire Department’s Medical Services Division and the city’s fleet of ambulances, Station 49 needed to ensure first responders were well-equipped to quickly deploy paramedics and EMTs during disasters or urgent emergency calls. 

As the facility was being built from the ground up, Remote Satellite Systems worked closely with the designers, engineers, and building team throughout each stage of the project to ensure all communications infrastructure was integrated as efficiently as possible. Remote Satellite Systems oversaw and helped implement the technology needed to provide fast, effective emergency response, including land-based and satellite equipment. 

Integrating technology infrastructure into a building after construction has been completed is more difficult, costly, and time-consuming than if it had initially been accounted for during the funding and design stages. Implementing it into the plan early on allows designers and architects to better determine the design and layout of a building while allowing them to incorporate features that optimize communication technology, such as access points, network connections, and wiring. 

In addition, it allows for in-building infrastructure for the new world we live in, safeguarding against challenges like fires, floods, and other natural disasters—as well as ensuring the ability to adapt to new and emerging technologies. 

Remote Satellite Systems specializes in providing customized scalable emergency communication systems to meet agencies’ unique needs, from consulting during the earliest stages of project funding and construction to retrofitting existing facilities. Our consulting services include planning and implementation based on a site survey, full reporting on antenna placement and position, and a review of overall building cabling infrastructure for telephone and data equipment. Remote Satellite Systems also provides full support and training on all the equipment we install and manage. 

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