Does my business need an emergency plan?

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We have all seen the seemingly endless tide of natural disasters around the United States. With wildfires, mudslides, hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters it’s important to have a business plan in place for your business. Remote Satellite Systems has assisted emergency responders establish satellite communications in rural areas, where the difference between clear communication and… Read more »

Marin Rural Fire Departments MSAT PTT

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In the rural backcountry of Marin and Sonoma Counties, fire stations sit in a communication dead zone. Remote Satellite Systems set up communications suites with push to talk capabilities inside the command centers of the stations. This allowed for the stations to tie into the state office of emergency services talkgroups, linking all the surrounding stations to assist with remote blazes with the push of a button.

Securing Communications at San Francisco Int’l Airport

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San Francisco International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the country, needed help in determining best methods possible to communicate in the event of a huge California earth quake. Remote Satellite Systems helped design and implement redundant communications, by providing multiple satellite networks to ensure that airport personnel had what was absolutely necessary to do their job in securing the airport, assessing the damage and protecting the public in the event of a catastrophic earth quake that hits the Bay Area.

Making our mark on Public Safety in San Francisco

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The new San Francisco Public Safety Building which houses both the Police and Fire Departments was built to withstand anything Mother Nature could throw at it; Remote Satellite Systems provided a communications system equally up to the challenge. With an auto-acquire, 1.8 meter VSAT antenna on the roof, the In-Building Incident Command Center is able to maintain contact with surrounding emergency responders and other city departments without worrying about downed phone lines or overcrowded telephone and cellular networks.

Making our mark on the San Francisco Bay Area’s Emergency Response capabilities

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The San Francisco Public Safety Building The San Francisco Public Safety Building at Mission Bay is the latest of Remote Satellite’s major contracts. The 264,000-square-foot structure houses the new headquarters for the San Francisco Police Department as well district police and fire stations. Built in anticipation of the Bay Area’s next great earthquake, the building… Read more »