SkyWave IDP-690 Specs


• Satellite Service: Two-way, Global, IsatData Pro
• From-Mobile Message: 6,400 bytes
• To-Mobile Message: 10,000 bytes
• Typical Latency: • Elevation Angle: +20° to +90° (IDP-680);
-15° to +90° (IDP-690)
• Frequency: Rx: 1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz;
Tx: 1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz


• Acquisition Time: Hot: 1s; Cold: 29s/30s
• Accuracy: 2.5m/4.0m CEP-Horizontal
• Sensitivity: Acquisition: -148 dBm (IDP-680);
-140dBm (IDP-690)/Tracking: -162 dBm (IDP-680);
-158dBm (IDP-690)


• Input Voltage: 9 to 32V; Load dump protection: +150V;
SAE J1455 (Sec. 4.13)
• Power consumption (Typical @12V DC, 22°C):
Average receive: 8.3 mA;
Receive with GPS/GLONASS: 40 mA; Transmit: 0.75 A;
Sleep: 100 μA


• Inputs/Outputs: 4 x Analog or Digital In/Out
• Serial: 1 x RS-232; 1 x RS-485
• Accessories: 1-Wire adapter via RS-232 port


• Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
• Dust & Water Ingress: IP67
• Vibration: SAE J1455 (Sec fig 6-8);
MIL-STD-810G (Sec 514.6)
• Shock: MIL-STD-810G (Sec 516.6)


• Core Services: Geofence, Data Logger, Position
• User Data Memory: 2MB for Users Services, data files,
including data logger
• Optional, Configurable Device-Level Applications:
Analytics Agent – Notifications and reports for driver
behaviour and vehicle/asset performance.
AVL Agent – Facilitates integration of IDP terminals
into fleet management solutions.
Garmin Dispatch Agent – Tracking, navigation, driver
communication and dispatch using Garmin devices.

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