RST/PST 300 Remote Interface Specs

• Indicators: 2 watts minimum (in compression) into 8 ohms with less than 3% distortion using supplied
power pack
• Controls: Less than 3 dB increase in output with 30 dB increase beyond threshold of compression.
• Line Input level: -20dBm tp +10 dBm
• Line output level: -20dBm tp +10 dBm
• Line impedence: 200K ohms on-hook/idle 600 ohms off-hook/idle
• Receive compression: Less than 3dBm change in output for 30 dBm change in input above thresh-hold
• Speaker ouput: 2 watts (speaker mutes when off-hook)
• Max number of remotes: 50
• Dimensions/ Weight: 9” x 4” x 7” / 4lbs
• Connections: 4 pin modular for handset. RJ11 phone pair
• TX Control: Adjusts audio level to the radio microphone input
• RX Control: Adjusts audio level to phone line. Adjustable from -20 to +10 dBm
• Setup: Used for test mode on power up
• Line balance: Used to match the termination panel to the phone line
• Phone line impedence: 600 ohms
• Connections to phone line: Two wire via modular phone jack
• Connections to radio: Supplied
• Max number of remotes: 50

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