MSAT G2 Satellite Radio – Fixed Specs

  • Transceiver: (W)16.51 cm x (H) 2.794 cm x (D) 14.224 cm
  • Handset: (W) 7.366 cm x (H) 3.556 cm x (D) 17.272 cm
  • Land Mobile/Fixed Antenna: (D) 24.892 cm x (H) 9.906 cm
  • Maritime Antenna: (D) 27.94 cm x (H) 27.94 cm
  • Humidity: 98% at 100.4°F (38°C)
  • Operating Temperature: Antenna: -22°F (-30°C) to +109°F (+43°C) Transceiver Unit = -22°F (-30°C) to +131°F (+55°C)
  • Dust: In Accordance with SAE J1455 section 4.7
  • Rain: Antenna: Precipitation rate of 2″ /hour / 5.08 cm/hr
  • Power: Primary Voltage 12V DC Nominal

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