SkyWave IDP 782 Dual Mode Satellite and Cellular Data Terminal

SkyWave IDP 782 Dual Mode Satellite and Cellular Data TerminalThe SkyWave IDP 782 dual-mode satellite and cellular terminal delivers the best of cellular and satellite connectivity to your fleet. It automatically switches between lower cost cellular data when available and satellite connection in remote areas. For a lower price than constant satellite connection you can make sure your fleet is always connected.

And when your fleet is always connected then your driver, cargo, and vehicle security improves. Always have communication with your fleet and keep track of them no matter where they go. The SkyWave IDP 782 also comes with a backup battery allowing the terminal to keep transmitting for up to 2.5 hours without vehicle power. So if the vehicle breaks down or if there is an emergency they can still contact for help and be found.

With Built-in 1-Wire, CANbus, accelerometer, dual SIM, sensor ports and more the feature rich satellite and cellular data terminal is fully customizable. And with HSPA & GPRS hardware options available and flexible programming you can make the terminal the perfect set up for your needs. However, if you don’t have the time the SkyWave IDP-782 includes configurable SkyWave software that can be used to get it up and running quickly.

Contact Remote Satellite Systems International today to discuss saving money and keeping your fleet secure with SkyWave IDP 782 dual-mode satellite and cellular terminal. You can get the basic starter kit to get up and running quickly or get a more robust solution. With 15 years of service we can help you decide on the best choices for your company.

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