Satellite Telemetry

Satellite TelemetryDozens of industries use satellite telemetry in order to gather vital data for business, governmental, and other reasons. Telemetry works by using automated systems to collect measurements and other information in remote areas. The data is then transmitted to receiving equipment, which can be collected via satellite monitoring and accessed from any system with an internet or phone connection. Satellite tracking is even more effective than terrestrial cellular or internet access, as it allows for a wider range for collection.

Whether you’re collecting information from a maritime outpost or a remote mountain facility, Remote Satellite Systems International® will help you set up a system that works for you. For more than 15 years, we’ve been providing satellite telemetry services to scientists, meteorologists, medical professionals, gas and oil companies, water management facilities, military defense, fishery and wildlife researches, and many more. From monitoring a local shark population to receiving accurate weather information, satellite monitoring allows for fast and accurate data collection from anywhere in the world. The satellite solutions provided at RSSI don’t end there – we also provide equipment, data plans, rentals, training, and more. Every year, the technology continues to improve, and we remain right at the forefront in order to find the best personalized solutions for our clients across a broad range of requirements. If you require satellite phones, buoy monitoring, portable dishes, broadband access, or other technology to aid in data collection or asset management, we can help.

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