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The satellite phone services we offer at Remote Satellite Systems International™ can’t be beat – we do not only offer affordable prepaid and “as-you-go” airtime plans, but we also offer BGAN satellite phone rental, purchase, training, consulting, and much more. We’re the one-stop shop for all of your satellite communication needs, whether you’re looking for business or personal use, and regardless of your industry. We regularly work with construction companies, adventure travelers, oil and gas, aeronautical, defense and military, fishing and forestry, disaster relief, transportation, pleasure sailors, and many others.

Why should you choose BGAN satellite phone services over more typical cellular phone service? The answer’s simple – reliability and accessibility as it acts both like a portable satellite modem and also a satellite IP modem while providing both voice and Internet. While terrestrial communication options like cellular towers and landlines can be disrupted by natural disaster or even lack of access, we work with satellite networks that are accessible in over 110 countries, even in the most remote locations. Whether you travel internationally, or require emergency communication for your sailboat, satphones are the way to go. We offer satellite phone rental for short durations, which is ideal if you only need the equipment temporarily. However, if you work in an industry that requires a longer-term solution, you’ll find that our catalog of data and satphone equipment is extensive. We also offer portable modems, wi-fi hotspots, push-to-talk radio, and several other options that make sure you stay connected wherever you are. The plans we offer can include voice, SMS messaging, and broadband internet.

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