Satellite Environmental and Water Monitoring and Control Systems

Aqua satellite - 3D renderThe convenience and advantages of satellite environmental and water monitoring and control systems is understood across many industries, from energy and oil to military and media. SCADA technology, one of the many products and services to be found at Remote Satellite, Inc., allows you and your workforce to monitor the environmental conditions and data collection for any remote job site or machinery. We offer the best in long-distance data acquisition, both in our sales of equipment from top-of-the-line companies, and in providing all our clients with the perfect service plans to always maintain their connection. Enhancing the safety and productivity of your workplace are only a few of the benefits of satellite environmental and water monitoring and control systems, and Remote Satellite Systems. can help find the best and smartest innovative solutions to bring this technology to you.

After 15 years in the business of satellite communications and monitoring, Remote Satellite is familiar with the many technological leaps that have been taken recently to make this resource even more accessible. We offer terminals and antennas for low, medium, and high data volume, across Isat, VSAT, and BGAN satellite networks, and from reliable brands like SkyWave and Hughes. These systems can monitor, record, and deliver any measurable data to you, from temperature and weather conditions to speed and GPS location. This way you can control the activities and order of your remote project location without having to leave your more permanent job site. Remote Satellite also now carries a dual modem system, allowing your device to operate using either cellular or satellite signal, allowing you to choose the connection, saving money, and speeding up retrieval of information. There’s no end to the advantages of satellite environmental and water monitoring and control systems when it comes to easy access and operation of technology over long distances. Contact Remote Satellite Systems today, and we’ll help you find the perfect setup for your usage specifications and priorities.

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