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Satellite Data and TelemetryThere are incalculable uses for satellite data and telemetry in the world, and those of us here at Remote Satellite Systems International have made it our business to help you harness this technology in a way that most benefits you. Whether you’re in the gas and oil industry or a government employee conducting important research, remote site satellite monitoring can give you invaluable insight and allow you to make informed decisions or claims.

If you’ve ever seen biologists fitting animals with GPS trackers or noticed aerospace engineers collecting data from unmanned flights, you can understand the power of satellite data and telemetry. This data can be collected from inaccessible or very remote locations thanks to the power of satellite communications, and RSSI are leaders in the field. From remote site data collection to automation and control, our expert staff has a solution that will work for you, your business, or your government. Other industries that benefit from remote site satellite monitoring include meteorology, military intelligence, fishery and wildlife management, healthcare, water management, agriculture, space science, and more. As you can see, satellite data acquisition is incredibly versatile and offers ample opportunities for expanding the scope of your business and improving the breadth and accuracy of your data.

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