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Satellite Cellular PhoneFinding a BGAN satellite cellular phone might prove to be a challenge… mainly because they don’t actually exist. Instead, you can opt for either a satphone or a cell phone, and here at Remote Satellite Systems International™, we offer the former in spades. What makes a satellite phone different from a cellular phone? It’s all in the way it makes calls. While cell phones require a nearby tower, satphones rely on satellites in orbit high above us, which makes them a much more reliable method of communication in remote areas. Even more so it is really like a portable BGAN satellite modem or a BGAN satellite IP modem as it provides both voice and Internet. Whether you’re looking for coverage on a quick leisure trip or interested in purchasing a system for business use, we offer BGAN satellite phone rental, sales, service, training, and more.

The first step in determining your communication requirements is sitting down and determining your particular needs. Do you need something for business or leisure use? Will you require data, or just voice and SMS? Have you priced out various service plans? Is this a temporary situation, or will you need equipment on a more permanent basis? Where will your phone be used and in what capacity? All of these questions are important in determining whether to use a satellite vs cellular phone. If your business or travel takes you to areas outside the range of a cellular tower, than a cell phone won’t do you much good. Satphones are often specially designed for remote and maritime communication, as well as emergency situations. They’re often used by the military, emergency response services, gas & oil, meteorologists, construction companies, and more. The type of equipment you need and length of use can affect whether you need to purchase your own equipment or use one of our BGAN satellite phone rental plans for the short term.

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