Radio Push To Talk

The SATRAD Matrix iSeries and mSeries are reliable, compact, and easy to use radio push to talk (PTT) systems which allow users to have portable communication and the ability to move freely during a natural disaster or while in a remote area without land mobile radio (LMR) network service. Both series connect traditional LMR to PTT satellite networks, such as Iridium (iSeries) and MSAT (mSeries).

The iSeries provides reliable mission-critical radio PTT over satellite communications with global coverage. It’s easy to integrate with dispatch or traditional terrestrial radio and offers a consistent user experience regardless of terrestrial events that can disrupt traditional radio infrastructure. The iSeries is a cost-effective solution for applications in large geographic areas with a limited number of users. As an integrated system, it combines the benefits of radio and satellite in an innovative way that makes it an ideal solution for a variety of applications, from first responders to remote oilfield crews.

Other Features

MSAT G2 Satellite Radio

The iSeries also features SmartMessageSM technology, which ensures that messages are delivered even when there are temporary interruptions with connectivity. The Iridium PTT network has recently introduced the IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT terminal, which is the first time PTT capability has been available in such a small handheld device.

The mSeries offers remote connectivity for instant office, lifeline, and voice communications. It’s available in a compact case for mobile applications or a rack mount for deployment in emergency communications and dispatch centers. Like the iSeries, the mSeries offers compatibility between satellite and terrestrial radio networks; it can also be integrated with NI-Track. Due to its small size and portability, it’s extremely quick to deploy. The MSATe/MSAT G2 and G2 flyaway kit are perfect for broadcast, and circuit-switched voice and data. It also provides GPS capability, as well as interconnectivity with 3rd party interoperability interfaces.

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