Prepaid Satellite Phone

Prepaid Satellite Phone

If you’re searching for a cheap satellite phone but don’t want to scrimp on quality, we can help. Whether you’re purchasing for business or personal use, at Remote Satellite Systems International we offer a superior selection of BGAN satellite phones that can fit into any budget and can keep you connected no matter where you go.

BGAN satellite phones are widely used in various industries for their ability to maintain a reliable connection in places where landlines and cell towers simply can’t reach, and can even provide both voice and internet services by doubling as a portable satellite modem or satellite IP modem. A cheap satellite phone can be an excellent option if you require a basic device for emergencies, such as a DeLorme InReach that offers both location and SOS services for tracking and easy access to emergency help (it does not offer voice). Voice communication may cost a little more, but we still offer some terrific affordable options for small and light satellite phones from Globalstar.

Another way to help keep costs down is with our convenient BGAN prepaid satellite phone plans. For example, you can choose a subscription plan from as low as $38/month with the Inmarsat IsatPhone Prepaid Airtime package up to $175/month with the Iridium Airtime plan.  We offer a range of affordable prepaid satellite phone options, so let us know what your parameters are and we’ll find the ideal satellite phone for you.

From data service, rentals, high-quality gear, reliable worldwide networks, wi-fi hotspots, airtime plans, training, and lots more, we’re truly a one-stop shop for all of your satellite phone needs. Speak today to one of our experts at 1-888-989-8199 for more information about a cheap satellite phone option or a more sophisticated system if necessary. At RSSI we’ve got you covered!

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