Oil Gas Satellite Communications

How the Oil and Gas Industry Use Satellite Communications
Oil Gas Satellite CommunicationsReal-time satellite communications operating in the air, sea, or on land are crucial for the oil and gas industry. A trustworthy satellite communications solution enables oil and gas producers, oilfield service businesses, and pipeline operators to monitor and observe remote equipment, facilitate field operations, and secure the safety of field staff anywhere in the world.

Satellite Communications Solutions

The oil and gas industry relies on secure communications for optimal operations. Recently, the demands have been increasing, visible in exploration and production and also in pipelines and distribution tankers. The oil and gas satellite communications network should support the following requirements to make use of accessible network capacity and ensure stable, high-performance data services:

  • Advanced optimization and acceleration for Internet traffic
  • Various backup options to circumvent communications loss
  • Seamless interoperability with IP, Ethernet, and MPLS international backbones
  • Traffic differentiation per application with automatic scheduling and prioritization

The trend toward high-speed communications services is a result of compact broadband satellite communications equipment and economical pricing for satellite bandwidth capacity. It is also due to application of offshore platforms requiring more bandwidth.

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