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Iridium Satellite PhoneFor clear and interrupted calls, we advise you to try an Iridium satellite phone. The Iridium network is set up in such a way that its 66 active satellites orbit in an evenly-spaced pattern so that the next satellite seamlessly picks up your call as the last orbits out of reach. This allows Iridium models to route calls and data messages anywhere in the world and also means they’re unaffected by natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. This sort of satellite phone coverage can be difficult to come by, but at Remote Satellite Systems International, we make it our business to meet our customers’ every need.

The benefits of a wireless personal communication network are myriad, not only because of the level of reliability, but also for its versatility. Iridium satellite phones can be used virtually anywhere in the world so long as there’s a clear shot to the satellites, and because Iridium satellites travel on six different orbital planes, you’re never far no matter where you are. While other mobile satellite systems rely on GEOs (Geostationary Earth Orbits), which often suffer from high latency issues, Iridium models offer an integrated ground and satellite network that makes communication simple and efficient. Whether you require effective communication systems for personal, business, or governmental use, RSSI offers Iridium rental, phone coverage, data plans, devices, kits, and more.

Please contact a member of our expert team today so that we can match you with the system and coverage that meets your needs. Satellite service has come a very long way since the 1980’s, and the Iridium satellite phone is just one example. No matter your requirements – maritime, emergency communication, remote access – we’ll get you all set up. Call 1-888-989-8199 to speak with someone today.
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