Oil Spill Mapping

Remote Satellite Systems® has teamed up with ESRI, a major player in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping and Inmarsat to bring real time GIS mapping to those areas where there is no other alternative communication networks. This combined effort has resulted in the ability to map the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and to document and inventory the real time effects of the environmental and economicl crisis.

The Inmarsat BGAN satellite communications systems paired with ESRI’s Geographic Information Systems, assists the clean up efforts by providing up-to-date images and GIS data of the oil spill in those remote areas where cellular and other wireless networks do not have reliable coverage. This just might be the most important effort in the long term cleanup efforts.

With clear and accurate data , images and precise GPS positioning data we are able to document and assist in the long term effects and direct resources to where they will be needed for a concise planned effort.

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