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FlightCell Aeronautical Satellite SolutionsFlightCell Aeronautical Satellite Solutions offers the world’s only all-in-one solution for global voice, data, messaging, and flight tracking. The DZMx offers global in flight voice communications between the cockpit and the cabin, aircraft tracking and event notification using Iridium satellite and 3G broadband networks, and global data coverage all in the worlds smallest satellite communications system.

The newest FlightCell DZMx is now 47% smaller than its previous version. This impressive size cuts back on installation time and cost. All of the hardware is contained in an environmentally sealed unit that can combat harsh weather and environments such as extreme cold of the arctic or heat from the desert. And with its easy to use interface and night vision keypad and LCD display backlighting the crew can easily use this DZMx at any time of day or night.

With the DZMx many connection options you can connect various devices for maximum versatility. You have USB and Ethernet ports, D25 serial connectors (male and female) and BNC satellite or cellphone antenna connection. There is also an external SIM car slot to change cellular services anywhere you go.

With everything the DZMx offers you can extend those services in the aircraft by installing a DZM remote head. This allows people in different locations in the aircraft to make crystal clear phone calls using Iridium Satellites and 3G broadband cellular services when in the option is available. And with two independent channels multiple people can make a phone call at once.

The Iridium Satellites and 3G broadband cellular services also allow for True Path tracking to accurately track the path of the plane. And with FlightCell’s open recipient data feed you have multiple mapping service options to work with. So you aren’t locked into a FlightCell service. Combined with event tracking you can collect robust user-configurable flight data to use later on. And in case of emergency there is a one key distress signal that will contact your tracking provider with a request for search and rescue. This key can be found on the DZMx unit. and DZM remote unit.

With all that FlightCell Aeronautical Satellite Solutions offers with the DZMx and the remote DZM unit they offer even more with a range of satellite communications and tracking solutions. Contact Remote Satellite Systems International to find out the best solution for your piloting needs.

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