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Fleet OneBeing at sea shouldn’t mean that a sailor is disconnected from the world. Fleet One brings the same connectivity and communication expected on land to the sea. Captains and crewmembers of boats of any size can now talk, surf the web, send and receive text messages and emails no matter where they are. With the help of modern maritime services you can enhance the wellbeing of those on board by easily communicating with friends and family on land. Gone are the days of expensive calls back to shore or being limited to ship to shore radio signals.

With the Sailor 100 or the Skipper 100 crewmembers can make work easier at a lower cost. With fast data speeds crews can get full color weather images, navigational charts, route plans/optimization, send reports, and much more. While easily staying connected to what is happening on land. With cost effective pricing on hardware and prepaid or as used airtime plans being connected doesn’t have to be expensive.

Be you a fishing boat, sailing boat, or any other small vessel the Sailor 100 manufactured by Thrane and Thrane and the Skipper 100 manufactured by Addvalue offer fast speeds of 100/100kbps work faster and stay connected and voice capabilities to clearly connect with those on land.

Contact Remote Satellite Systems International to get more information on the Sailor 100, Skipper 100, or many other Fleet One options. With 15 years of experience we can assist you in finding the best maritime service for your boat.

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