Environmental and Water Monitoring and Control Systems

Environmental and Water Monitoring and Control SystemsSo many industries and their business can be enhanced with the introduction of cellular environmental and water monitoring and control systems into any project’s toolkit of technology. Remote Satellite Systems has longstanding relationships with the many companies who make use of Dual Mode Satellite and Cellular devices to monitor site conditions from the comfort of an office. With our many devices for sale that highlight the best in SCADA technology, we can make your workplaces safer and easier to maintain. Whether you’re monitoring environmental impact, control, and quality for your oil company’s drilling site, developing the efficiency and functionality of alternative energy systems, or even collecting data for a media piece, cellular environmental and water monitoring and control systems can enable you to access all the basic information you need in the convenience of a permanent lab or home base. Remote Satellite Systems offers all the tools you need to implement this fantastic service for your project needs.

Although SCADA technology itself is not new, after 15 years of business, Remote Satellite has watched the field develop more and more convenient products. We sell terminals and antennas from trusted brands like SkyWave and Hughes to process low, medium, and high data volume on Isat, BGAN, and VSAT networks. These devices will measure and transmit any kind of measurable data point, from temperature to humidity to weather pressure and beyond, so you’ll never have to expect the unexpected. Most importantly, we now offer a special Dual Mode Satellite and Cellular modem that allows for connection to both cellular and satellite networks, meaning you’ll always have access to the easiest and least expensive connection for you, and the ability to cross between them as needed. Remote Satellite Systems will help you select the perfect devices to fit the needs of your company, and through us you can also purchase service plans to connect your SCADA equipment to a signal. Cellular environmental and water monitoring and control systems allow you to stay constantly up-to-date with the monitoring of any remote location or machinery, on any network. Contact Remote Satellite Systems today to take advantage of all the great technology we can share with you.

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