How To Dial a Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone IRID_BM_9575PD1__22598_large
Satellite phone numbers differ from other phone systems like cellular phones and land lines. Each satellite provider has a unique prefix followed by an eight or nine digit number. Inmarsat begins with 870 followed by nine digit phone number, Thuraya begins with 882 16 followed by an eight digit number, and for Iridium, the number would begin with 8816 followed by eight digit phone number. In addition to the prefix and phone number, callers must know and use international dialing codes.

To call out from any satellite phone, the caller needs a clear view of the sky and the phone should be registered to the satellite network. When the phone is ready to dial enter 00 plus the country code and phone number:
Example: 001 954 973 3100.

To call a satellite phone, the caller needs to enter the international dialing codes and satellite phone number:

Calling from US to an Iridium phone: 011 8816 31049999
Calling from US to a Thuraya Phone: 011 882 16 31049999
Calling from US to an Inmarsat Phone: 011 870 310499999

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