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Finding a cheap satellite phone that maintains the level of quality you should expect is no easy feat. By nature, satphones tend to require a bit of a monetary commitment, because you’re paying for a phone that reliably keeps you in touch no matter where you go, which is something a cellular phone just can’t offer. Even so, here at Remote Satellite Systems International™, we offer a number of BGAN satellite phones for sale that are affordable and fit into any budget, whether you’re purchasing for business or personal use.

BGAN Satphones are popular in a number of industries because they keep you connected in places landlines and cell towers can’t reach, but also work as a portable satellite modem or satellite IP modem as it does both voice and internet. If you work in emergency services or need to make sure you can communicate if the unthinkable happens, a device with satellite communication capability is a must. If you need a basic device for emergencies, a cheap BGAN satellite phone can be an excellent option. We offer a DeLorme device that has both location and SOS services, although it doesn’t offer voice. For tracking and easy access to emergency help, however, it’s fantastic. If you require voice communication, it’ll run you a little more, but there are still some great options for small and light satphones from Globalstar. In order to determine which phones will work best, it’s a good idea to sit down and think about your needs. How and where will this phone be used? Will you need a data plan, or will voice and SMS be enough? At RSSI, we offer a number of service plans along with our BGAN satellite phones for sale, so it’s truly a one-stop shop for all your satphone needs.

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We also offer a whole host of other satellite data and phone equipment, and we’ve provided service and hardware for corporations, governments, individuals, and more. For more information about a cheap satellite phone option or a more sophisticated system if necessary, contact us today.
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