Remote Satellite Systems International named as a CALNET3 contractor


Remote Satellite Systems International is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Satellite- Voice contract for the State of California’s CALNET 3 IFB C, Category 10.1. CALNET 3 is California’s multi-billion dollar procurement to provide services to state agencies. Our Santa Rosa, California based company has long equipped various agencies with satellite communication and data services. This includes agencies ranging from Marin and Sonoma rural fire departments to Caltrans to city and state emergency divisions.

Conveniently located in the North Bay, Remote Satellite Systems International has been assisting California agencies, airports, hospitals, and adventurers with global satellite solutions for over 15 years. When Remote Satellite Systems first started offering these services, satellite communications technology was much less advanced. With more sophisticated equipment and costly technology, service providers needed patient, knowledgeable staff, and a high degree of technical expertise. Although modern technology has evolved, old time customer service is alive and well at Remote Satellite Systems. Today, there are portable and lightweight sat communications options available and technology is much more accessible. We offer total solutions for clients’ needs, including not just equipment but hands-on consulting services as well.

For fire departments, rural citizens, far-flung explorers, and others in hard to reach places, compact and portable emergency communication is key. Our technology solutions will allow agencies in California to use voice and data services beyond the scope of traditional smart phones to offer complete coverage without service gaps. Satellite technology in the modern era ensures that communication is possible even in remote locations or during natural disasters. This is particularly pertinent for government offices because it makes sure that necessary employees, such as fire fighters near a fault line, can be reached even after an earthquake. While wireless technology relies on cell towers to work, satellite devices are not dependent on line of sight. Now that our company is approved as CALNET3 contractor, our satellite voice and data services are available to divisions throughout state and local government. We are excited to continue our work with critical government agencies and look forward to building new relationships across California.

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